Harvey E. Najim Hope Center

The Harvey E. Najim Hope Center is a new therapeutic community center for neglected and abused children. The center is the newest addition to the Children’s Shelter of San Antonio. It consists of a 2,630 square foot renovation and 1,575 square foot of building additions for a new lobby and reception area, administrative offices, break room, counseling center, and family therapy rooms, kid’s therapeutic play areas, records storage, and sensory garden. Renovation of the existing building included gutting the entire space and refiguring the space to accommodate multiple clinical offices, family therapy rooms, a break room and storage areas. The project received the Best Community Impact award from the San Antonio Business Journal, June 2016.

The center was created to change the trajectory in our community on how we address child abuse and neglect by addressing the root cause of trauma by providing mental health services for children and their families. The Hope Center will be staffed by a medical director, clinical director, licensed therapists and social workers who will implement evidence-based trauma treatment, which include:

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)
  • Interactional therapies, such as play therapy
  • Sensory integration therapies, which will include a sensory room and garden
  • Trauma screenings and assessments for every family and child

The Children’s Shelter operates in partnership with the University of Texas Health Science Center, Department of Psychiatry, which will provide clinical rotations, parenting support groups and psychiatric consultation at the Hope Center.

Braundera Family YMCA

The Braundera study included Master Planning services and a multi-phase plan to implement expansion plans. The Braundera YMCA was constructed of a pre-engineered metal frame that mirrored the surrounding area.

Features present included a 7,000 square foot Wellness floor with jogging track, 24 foot Rock wall, sports fields, 2 rope challenge courses, hiking trails with exercise and nature study areas, separate pilates and exercise studios, mens and women’s changing rooms with full bathroom and shower amenities with lockers, multiple offices, and a Kidz Club, Child watch area, and Y-land, an indoor kids playground.

The YMCA facilities we designed shared the same branding and general layout of their fitness areas and kid-friendly features but their exterior design was uniquely reflective of their specific location and the community they served.

McClelland and Hine Offices

LSA provided services for the Master Plan, Programming and Design of a new 18,000 square foot campus-style corporate office development for McClelland and Hine’s corporate offices. The building is located in a wooded environment set back from the main road to create a secluded setting and comfortable distance from city noise. The structures cluster around a plaza and gazebo perfect for small gatherings.

Boerne Family YMCA

For their first new branch in over 30 years, the YMCA of Greater San Antonio selected LSA. The project consisted of the renovation of the old Boerne Wal-Mart space into a first class 22,000 square foot YMCA facility. Features included a 7,000 square foot Wellness Center, Aerobics Room, Pilates Room, Multi-Purpose, Gymnasium, and a Kidz Club. The 550 square foot addition that defines the entry is Y-Land, an indoor kids playground that is a big hit in Boerne!

Travis Collaborative Building

LSA provided architectural and interior design for the complete renovation and adaptive-reuse of a 12,000 square foot historic school structure built in 1907. Conversion of the existing interior spaces into state-of the-art offices and leasable space required special care to preserve the existing hardwood floors, roof support beams, period window frames, brick interior walls and accent features.

The upstairs portion of the office renovation involved the separation of the top level into two separate business entities with shared lobby, conference room and restrooms between the two offices. Both individual offices feature showers in the private bathrooms. The downstairs spaces were also rehabilitated and sectioned off for two separate leasable office spaces with a shared break room and restroom facilities complete with shower in the lower level women’s restroom. Other unique features incorporated include a second private conference room and the Havana Cigar Lounge located in the Lopez Salas offices complete with exhaust system to extract smoke.

The outside enclosed garden is strategically manicured with a lush array of rose bushes, esperanza, bamboo grass, and fence-lined jasmine vines to give the office entryway a park-like feel. The self-contained parking lot was designed to accommodate 30 parking spaces for four rows of cars accented with low brick divider walls and and outlets on both sides to allow easy traffic flow. The front entry and separate entries to the upper and lower level offices are all fully equipped with card access security, surveillance cameras, and programmable security doors and light systems.

Deacon Recruiting Offices

Lopez Salas Architects designed the new two-story corporate offices for Deacon Recruiting. The 12,594 square foot office building is designed in a heavily-wooded lot within the Concord Park development in San Antonio. The structure is sited among many mature live oak trees and designed in a Contemporary Texas style using glass, limestone and poured in place concrete exterior walls with a standing seam metal shed roof.

Tinsman & Sciano Law Offices

Adaptive-reuse and renovation of a 24,000 square foot building for a growing law practice. Through a collaborative process with the owner, LSA transformed an old warehouse building into a two-story “state-of-the-art” corporate law office that created a new expressive identity for the firm and breathed new life into an aging building. The design solution visually integrated a lobby element through the use of a bold architectural form that cuts through the building’s center core, revealing glimpses of activity through the tinted glass skin.

The building underwent a complete exterior and interior transformation with new glass atrium, light monitors, and clerestories to bring natural light into the existing structure. A “skybox” conference room and balcony overlooks a two-story barrel-vaulted space with clerestory features over the main office areas.

The building is equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing and audiovisual technology. The challenges with the building were to provide a cost-effective solution to transform the facade for greater impact while utilizing existing elements in the design and respecting the integrity of the original building.

Brock Person Guerra Reyna Law Offices

The Corporate offices of Brock Person Guerra and Reyna included two offices completed over a seven year period. New construction of the 25,000 sq ft two-story corporate office complex included four Conference Rooms & Deposition areas, an Atrium Lobby incorporating natural light to all major spaces, offices and meeting rooms, a Media Room, a kitchen, break areas and several meeting spaces for varying size groups.

Promesa Office Building

Architectural and interior design of a 15,610 square foot office complex to serve as a new beacon for the West side area known as the Avenida Guadalupe. The design features multiples offices, an open lobby and second floor conference room with balcony available for community events. The two-story Class “A” office building offers commercial lease space and combines energy efficient building technologies with culturally-sensitive design. The building features a glass and steel feature lobby that generates a natural light atrium effect. Colored stucco walls and glass with cultural motifs incorporated to highlight the Avenida’s rich neighborhood history. The floor plan provides a natural flow of circulation. Office suites flank both sides of the central Lobby. A focal open staircase with centralized elevator tower connects floors. The building is designed to accommodate single or multi-tenant spaces on both sides of the main lobby. Energy-efficient features include 1” insulated glass for optimum performance and protection of solar heat gain. Roof canopies further enhance the use of this efficient solar ban glass. 2013 “Best Community Project” award, San Antonio Business Journal.