Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Programming and Master Planning for a 182,000 square foot campus expansion and modernization included renovation of the Administration building and rectory and new Multipurpose building, offices, Retreat Center, dance hall facility, classroom buildings for elementary and high school students, and an Athletic Center. Building design for the Master Plan was to be done in phases over a 12-year period.

Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Design of a new 4,992 SF Worship Center with approximately 300 seats, a central office, lobby, classrooms and restrooms. LSA created an expanded Master plan for future development. Structural design employed a pre-engineered superstructure on slab on grade foundation.

Oak Hills Church of Christ

Master planning for this new 34-acre campus included a multi-purpose gymnasium, over 100,000 sf of education space, youth facilities, sanctuary and small chapel. Phase I included the design of a 110,000 sf building with an 1800-seat multi-purpose sanctuary. The space doubles as a competition grade gymnasium supporting Youth and Local Mission programs.

The gym has portable basketball goals and provisions for power volleyball standards. The main worship space blends technology and tradition to provide a contemporary worship experience. The initial phase also included three educational wings extending off a mall spine. The wings are divided into categories: 1) nursery/primary, 2) primary/youth, and 3)adult/ administrative.

Large open interiors along the mall spine reveal check-in and gathering locations into each wing. The Phase II component of the project was a two-story building addition consisting of a fellowship hall and additional or fourth education wing. The addition also included a commercial kitchen adjacent to the fellowship hall. Phase III involved the addition of parking lots and box culverts to accommodate the growing congregation. Both Phase I and Phase II buildings utilized slab on grade foundation.

Zion Lutheran Church

Master planning and architectural design of 23,000 square foot of additions and new buildings that included a Youth and Family Life Center with classrooms, meeting rooms and commercial kitchen, a music ministry addition behind the sanctuary and Fellowship Pavilion with connecting covered walks that tied all new and existing structure into a cohesive campus. The project was selected as one of the six most significant projects of 2001 by the San Antonio Business Journal.

Northside Church of Christ

Design of a 96,000 square foot church complex with slab on grade foundation. The 2-story complex includes a 710-seat worship center auditorium, 17 classrooms, lecture halls, 3 Nursery rooms, Children, Youth and Adult education areas, an industrial and standard full-service kitchen, a large playground and park-like entryways with stone benches, 13 offices and an open office space, an audio/video control room, support and storage spaces, and a large 400+ space parking lot that surrounds the buildings.