Our Vision

Lopez Salas Architects’ design philosophy is founded on the belief that buildings have an impact on the people that work in them, visit them and upon the surrounding community. Our buildings are aesthetically distinctive, utilizing existing space in the most functional and efficient way.


                  We help our clients “do more with less”


We are designers foremost, so every building we design results in a final product that is functional, sustainable, cost-effective, and visually striking. We believe that great architecture is a result of good collaboration between the client and architect. We approach each project with the understanding that the solution will be developed based on the project’s specific program requirements, site characteristics, functional needs of the user and client and their budget. Our ability to tailor the project development and design to meet the requirements of our clients has resulted in our successful track record. Communicating concepts and ideas to our clients is of vital importance to our practice. We are proud of our abilities to help our clients do more with less and measure our success by our satisfied clients and repeat work.

A relentless commitment to design excellence and uncompromised service to our clients has contributed to the success of Lopez Salas Architects. We believe that each client’s individual needs must be identified and understood before the design process can begin. The Client’s goals create guiding direction, and a vision of what they hope to achieve for their space.

Lopez Salas Architects applies its resources and expertise to transform these needs, goals and vision into reality.

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