Haskell Memorial Hospital E/R & Urgent Care Additions

Client: Haskell Memorial Hospital

Location: Haskell, Texas

Type: Renovation/Addition

Size: 9,456 GSF

Architectural and interior design for 5,377 square foot ER and urgent care addition and 3,579 square foot of hospital renovations. New additions include a four-bed emergency room and walk-in clinic, plus renovated radiology, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy and laboratory areas.

The E/R and urgent care addition consists of a new emergency room with walk-in clinic with state-of-the-art equipment including a new CT scan machine. Features include a covered emergency entryway, intake area, multiple urgent care rooms, triage and treatment rooms, nurses station, scrub station, patient restrooms, treatment/casting room, patient dressing rooms, laundry room, medical storage are, and reception area.

Phase I of the energy Savings Performance Contract consisted of HVAC, mechanical, lighting ans water conservation measures to conserve energy performed solely by McKinstry. The total cost of the additions & renovations plus Phase I incentives cost $8.4 million with about $1 million of the money going towards new medical equipment. Funding for the project came from a reserve fund as well as grant money obtained. In addition, the hospital issued about 3 million dollars in bonds that they will pay back over the next 15-20 years.